New West Foods aims to be able to deliver more for you, your staff and your business.

We know that each business has their own unique range of products that your own customers frequently return for. By gaining insight on what you require and demand for, we are able to closely work with you to cater to your requests.

Should you be interested in the products that are currently not supplied by New West Foods, please let us know and we will get them in for you.


At New West Foods, we know the elements that go into operating a successful Foodservice operation. We work closely with hundreds of food providers that include restaurants, cafes, taverns, hotels, lunch bars, fast food outlets, caterers and any other supplier of fresh or cooked food.

In addition to providing quality food along with personalized service, the team is able to assist franchise businesses in offering the best prices being a food chain's main distributor. We offer the maintenance of exclusivity for the brand by supplying a personalised range of food and packaging products catering only to your franchise stores.

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Top Catch Fish & Chips has become the success it is because of New West Foods. Impossible as it is to get certain items, New West Foods will always get it for us.

- Noel Dela-Grammaticas, Business Owner at Top Catch Fish & Chips

Good & consistent delivery times, meeting demands of storage and delivery.

- Benedict Gunawan, Head Chef at Tony Roma's Perth

We use New West Foods because of their personalised and efficient service without compromising on quality, range and price. I can get what I need when I need it.

- Adam Bastin, Executive Chef at Hippo Creek African Grill

Citiplace Community Centre has dealt with New West Foods for a period of 10 years. Throughout this time, we have found their customer service and delivery to be excellent. If any product is not available, the staff will always offer an alternative. We would highly recommend them to any company

- George Cameron Kennedy, Chef at Citiplace Community Centre